Bolt +

Immersive streaming

Stream anywhere:  Free to watch on TV, mobile and web
Global creation:  Your livestreams instantly reach millions of TVs worldwide
Immersive features:  Chat, shop, AI, read, rewards and more


Streams to watch now

380,000 mins

Streams added (monthly)

14 Million

TV installs

Low code, modular, interchain

Low code:  No coding knowledge? No problem.
One-click deployment for token and audited smart contracts.
Modular:  Proof-of-Stake consensus, Data availability, fast and low cost.
Interchain:  17+ chains supported, powered by Axelar

Secure, simple staking

Driven by Bolt+:  Off-chain activity driving on-chain rewards
Daily rewards:  Stake and earn securely
Stake across chains:  Interchain staking across 17 chains


We are building the future of immersive streaming

BoltOS is connecting innovative streaming, accessible blockchain technology, and simplified token staking. Dive into a world of endless media possibilities and customisable digital economies.
We enhance immersive streaming for businesses and communities using AI/ML, integrating six foundational models (Claude, Command & Embed, Mistral, Llama2, Stable Diffusion, Jurassic) across our products.
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Join us on the journey

Whether you're a business exploring innovative advertising strategies, a creator looking to broaden your reach, or a viewer in search of compelling new content, BoltOS is your portal to the next generation of digital engagement. Together, we can craft the future of device agnostic, interactive media experiences.