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BoltOS is a software company focused on the future of immersive streaming.
We build modular solutions including interaction models, algorithms, and blockchain.

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We’re bringing immersive streaming to the world

BoltOS is a globally distributed team of engineers, content entrepreneurs and creators who believe in using technology to create a better web for all.
Leadership 01

Jamal Hassim

CEO & Co Founder
Jamal is the Co-Founder and CEO of BoltOS, where he leads our corporate functions including regulation, compliance, and finance. A multi-faceted, lifelong entrepreneur, Jamal has invested, restructured, launched, and operated various television and radio networks across the world, including the TV5 Group in the Philippines, Singapore Press Holdings Group in Singapore, JakTV in Indonesia, and the Media Prima Group across Malaysia and Africa. Jamal is based in London.
Leadership 02

Christel Quek

CTO & Co Founder
Christel is the Co-Founder and CTO at BoltOS, where she leads growth, product development, and strategic partnerships for the group. Christel is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies in AI at the University of Oxford, and serves on the Board of Trovio Group. A Forbes 30 under 30 Honouree in 2019, Christel was an early team member (10th) of Twitter’s Global Expansion, ex CMO at Zilliqa, VP Asia at Brandwatch, and ex Head of Social Business at Samsung Asia. Christel is based in London and Singapore.
Leadership 03

João Manuel P.

Board Observer / Chairman of UCEA
João is the Chairman of the UCEA Family Office Group; principal of the Single Family and sole decision maker for the investment thesis (£100m AUM). UCEA is a single-family office created in 1947, with its headquarters in London, and offices in Lisbon, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
Leadership 04

Jason Knox

Jason is CFO at BoltOS. Previously, Jason was in Corporate Finance with UK Government Investments; Scotia Bank, and the Sponsor Finance team at GE Capital. Jason has a MBA from Manchester Business School and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
Leadership 05

Ming Na Lim

Senior General Counsel
Ming Na is the Senior General Counsel at BoltOS. Previously, Ming Na was the General Counsel at the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre; and SAVP of Astro, a leading media network in Malaysia.
Leadership 06

Anwar Arieff

VP, Operations
Anwar is the VP of Operations at BoltOS. Anwar graduated with a Master of Science in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management from the University of Warwick.
Leadership 07

Jassem Osseiran

VP, BoltChain
Jassem is VP of BoltChain. Currently , he is a partner at 611 Capital, a thesis driven investment advisory firm, and sits on the board of Upperhouse Capital. Previously, he was at Rocket Internet.
Leadership 08

Spanner Spencer

VP, Growth
Spanner is VP of Growth at BoltOS. Previously, he worked with EA, Samsung, Raspberry Pi, element14, Chillingo, and Fishlabs. A passionate community builder and an award winning feature film scriptwriter.
Leadership 09

John Peterson Clark

VP, Blockchain DevOps
John is the VP of Blockchain DevOps at BoltOS. Previously, he worked with Boeing Australia and Ford Motor Company on industrial automation projects. John is also an early community member of Switcheo, a blockchain think tank.
Leadership 10

Xianru Xie

Head of DevOps
Xianru is Head of DevOps at BoltOS. Xianru has deep experience across enterprise full stack development.
Leadership 11

Avinash Kannan

VP, User Experience
Avinash is VP of User Experience at BoltOS. Avinash was previously at Playtonia Esports and a Designer for the digital wing of Sun News.
Leadership 12

Harry Teper

Head, Content Partnerships
Harry is Head of Content Partnerships at BoltOS. Previously, he held senior roles at Discovery Networks and Fox International.
Leadership 13

Johan Jamal

Senior Manager, Product Operations
Johan connects the dots across the BoltOS ecosystem, ensuring a great product experience for our ecosystem of users and partners. Johan graduated with a BA in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Leadership 14

Sheena Kappala-Ramsamy

Head of People and Culture
Sheena heads up our People and Culture function at BoltOS. A passionate educator and a natural people person, Sheena was a former educator and a staff governor. She made the brave jump into the world of technology at BoltOS, and never looked back! Sheena has a BA in French Literature from the University of Nottingham and a Postgraudate Degree in Education from the University of East Anglia.
Leadership 15

Dehui Liu

Senior Software Engineer
Liu is a senior full stack developer, with deep experience across product architecture and machine learning. Liu has a Masters in Engineering from Peking University, where he won a national award for the best Masters thesis across all colleges.


No one can whistle a symphony;
it takes a whole orchestra to play it.

From the brilliant minds in our creator community to the dedicated teams working tirelessly to drive commercial adoption, we are committed to fostering an environment that celebrates growth, empowerment, and diversity in all its forms.
Leadership 02
I would like to enable a creative revolution of people to use Bolt to create and exchange value seamlessly. My goal is for them to live the best versions of their most creative self every day, and for Bolt to play a contributing role to making that future possible.

Christel Quek

CTO & Co Founder
“I never save anything
for the swim back”
- Gattaca

A globally distributed team across 18+ nationalities, headquartered in London




A digital future where content, community, and co-creating are catalysts for a fulfilling and equitable world

Ease of access
Synergy that enhances content delivery and opens new avenues of creative expression and audience interaction.
Equality in Creation
Regardless of experience, location, financial background, or any other factor, BoltOS offers equal access to powerful, simple tools for immersive creativity.
Empowerment Unleashed
Build advanced, immersive streaming experiences and a sustainable creator economy. Realise visions without barriers.
Education and Innovation
Enabling everyone to master advanced streaming and powerful web3 tools, unlocking a world of digital creation opportunities.


A diverse and inclusive community

At BoltOS, we don't just talk about diversity and inclusion—we live and breathe it. We believe that creating a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered is not only the right thing to do but also the key to driving innovation and success.